Metro Sketch

When sketching on the Metro, the grand prize seems to be having the time and luck to capture and color a whole person. The key is to be on a relatively sparsely-packed train where folks are transfixed by their books, newspapers, smartphone, and tablets. Here’s a spread where I got lucky on two consecutive trips on the train.


Ugly Sketchbook

This is the first drawing in my new “ugly sketchbook”, and to draw ugly, I really had to go off of my perfectionist meds. I was in the middle of processing lots of digital work, so I grabbed the nearest pen – a scratchy and near empty ballpoint – and scrawled away while files were saving and uploading. Then the pen stopped working, so I grabbed another, which was a goopy and smudgy ballpoint. Whatever; it’s an ugly sketchbook, so I drew a robot and wrote the words “Ugly Sketchbook”.