Metro Sketch

When sketching on the Metro, the grand prize seems to be having the time and luck to capture and color a whole person. The key is to be on a relatively sparsely-packed train where folks are transfixed by their books, newspapers, smartphone, and tablets. Here’s a spread where I got lucky on two consecutive trips on the train.



3 thoughts on “Metro Sketch”

    1. Thanks; one thing that I’ve learned from sketching my fellow commuters on a near-daily basis is that not do I get to understand them better, but in the quite, impromptu, and unnoticed “relationship” that have with the people I’m sketching, I also feel a bit more connected to the Metro commuting culture here in Washington, DC. May sound a little silly, but we do spend a lot of time on these trains and a lot of time with these people, so one day when I up and leave DC, these sketches will be one of my favorite reminders.

      Thanks for following; I’ve got plenty of more sketches still to come.

  1. Great double page, like your attention to detail. I understand what you wrote above about feeling connected to the people you draw. And thank you for following, Russell.

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