Ugly Sketchbook

I picked up a new sketchbook today. It was the smallest, cheapest, simplest sketchbook I could find in the whole art supply store. I laid out a grand total of $2.54 for it.


Because I wanted a sketchbook for doing crappy, dirty, messy, ugly drawings, the kind that a penny-pinching perfectionist like myself would never do in some $15 Moleskine. We’re talking real no-holds barred, what the hell is that crap, you suck-kinda drawings.

So if you see an Ugly Sketchbook post here on Sketchbook Warrior, it’s really just me trying to punch my perfectionism in the proverbial nads. With a pen. While I’m waiting for a big Photoshop file to save. As I’m drinking a beer(s). And not caring all that much other to obliterate, vandalize, disgrace, and otherwise smash the blank surface of a paper in violation of probably every artistic and creative rule I’ve ever conjured up for myself.


3 thoughts on “Ugly Sketchbook”

  1. Cool, let em rip! I’ve got some really nice books that I don’t use, just because they cost some money and I don’t wanna put just some crap in em. What’s wrong with that picture?

  2. Know what you mean…some of my most spontaneous stuff gets doodled into those little yearly diary planners of crappy paper that I buy at the beginning of the year in the hopes of becoming more organized. I’ve been having an even harder time fighting this “preciousness” in painting on canvas. Smash away!

  3. So true…I’ve taken to having scrappy bits in a pile that I carry around so don’t feel intimidated looking at the blank paper. OR I wash it over with a watercolour pencil and tons of water from watercolour pen to warp it as well. Then say to myself, ‘Right, go on! Ruin it anymore if you can!’

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