Metro Sketch

As I’ve mentioned many times, I never know what’s going to end up on the pages of my sketchbooks when I sketch on the Washington, DC Metro. On this particular day, what I assumed would be a lackluster afternoon of sketching on the ride home (right page) quickly became an important afternoon of sketching when I noticed some crossed arms on a napping gentleman (left page). I’ve always found crossed-arms rather challenging to draw, so this was a great opportunity to focus less on sketching in general, and practicing a crucial life-drawing pose in particular.


4 thoughts on “Metro Sketch”

  1. Crossed arms are really tough! I love that you posted the three attempts…This is great!

    By the way, I still get all of your sketches but don’t always get a chance to comment on them. Keep up the great work on this blog. You’re so diligent!! I’m envious 🙂

    Also, a couple of resources you might like: I started going through Mike Rohde’s Sketchnote Handbook…have you seen it? It’s pretty cool.

    And I also bought the bikablo 2.0 visual dictionary, which I find great for quick images on the spot!

    Your sketchpal Jenn 🙂

    1. Definitely a fan of Rhodes and sketchnoting in general. I’ve tried it at a few meetings I’ve had to sit in on, and people always ask me for copies afterwards. There’s a great blog called Sketchnote Army (, which I’m planning to get my work onto once I set up my Flickr account. Along with graphic recording, sketchnoting is something I’m still pursuing, and practicing it is a pretty fun thing; I just go to the recordings of the TED Talks, and practice from there.

  2. Digging these metro sketches – I always like it when there’s a bleed too – makes it a for-real-sketch 🙂

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