Lunch Lines

I like to quickly sketch bikes I see locked up outside of the surrounding office buildings during my lunchtime strolls. One bike I see often is this black Bottecchia, which has been retrofitted into a rather ungainly urban fixie commuter. Whomever rides it is either very ungainly themselves, or just content with riding a too-tall frame with a too-long stem (a nice mid-90s Cinelli) and very low seat (Brooks). This once classic Italian race bike is also defiled with white Velocity Deep-V rims and blue tires. This is a rather sloppy sketch, but then again, it’s a sketch of a rather sloppy bike.


2 thoughts on “Lunch Lines”

  1. I don’t know much about bikes, but your comments make me really curious about this one’s owner.

    1. The uniqueness of these bikes and the uniqueness of the owners is probably as colorful as the cast of characters themselves here in Washington DC. They love their Belgian beers, even if they don’t speak a lick of Flemish or know a Flandrian from a Wallonnian, and they love their mash-up urban fixie single speeds and repurposed townie commuters, even if they don’t know the lineage and legend of brands like Bottecchia (which was ridden to victory by American Greg Lemond in the 1989 Tour de France, when he beat Laurent Fignon by only 8 seconds in Paris)

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