Metro Sketch

In an attempt to sketch as much as possible, I sketch both on my way too and from work when I take the train. These two pages show a day of doing as such, and if you’ve been following my Metro sketches, which are sometimes denoted with “AM Commute” or “PM Commute”, then you can judge for yourself if the people I sketch in the mornings seem a little more lively than those sketched in the evenings.


6 thoughts on “Metro Sketch”

    1. Actually, it’s a “flincher”, which in this case refers to the twitchy individual I was drawing, whom made for a real sketching challenge, and for the train, which was jumping and bouncing around. As a result, when you try to write “flincher” in such an environment – with a steel-nibbed fountain pen – the L and the I collide together and you end up with seemingly strange words.

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