4 thoughts on “Retro Sketch”

    1. I have two pens I’m using right now. The Metro Sketch drawings are done with a Lamy Safari fountain pen (extra-fine or “EF” nib), and the Lunch Line drawings are done with the cheapest gel pens I could fine at the supermarket (usually .07 mm). For more finished/refined drawings, I’ll use Sakura Micron Pigma markers, but for some reason, I’m always either losing the caps, or they just run out of ink quickly.

      1. Thanks, I have been toying with trying something different but I also have always just used a cheap pen (uniball vision, fine) and I like it because I’m used to it. And it doesn’t smudge under my hand as I draw…I’ll check out one you mentioned, but it’s hard to get out of my comfort zone. Ha! Thanks so much!

      2. Thanks! I’ve been using a uniball vision fine pt, and that’s all I’ve used, mainly because I can get one anywhere & they’re cheap, and I’m used to that pen. Was thinking I’d try one you mentioned. Thanks!

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