Lunch Lines

I sketch people all of the time, and this practice has vastly improved my life drawing skills – an area I used to be very weak in. Another area that I am weak in, and currently so, is sketching buildings and street scenes. Luckily, Washington DC is a great place to practice, as the architecture is generally boxy and angular. Such was the case with this home, which I took a stab at sketching quickly during my lunchtime stroll.


2 thoughts on “Lunch Lines”

    1. I’m having to reach back many years and relearn all of the pre-digital drawing, sketching, and visualization skills that became dormant in the years spent becoming an “Adobe Illustrator rockstar ninja” and developing “mad Photoshop skillz”. Honestly, in my very technical, digital, and precise profession as a production artist, all of this raw pen and ink sketching is much needed therapy.

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