Retro Sketch

Continuing the selection of pages from a 1999 sketchbook compiled when I was working in retail, this page not only shows a fountain pen I randomly drew, but also a little story inadvertently recorded on a series of Post-It Notes as I attempted to contact a customer about their purchase, which was eventually declined due to a bad credit card number. The page was finished with some credit card promotion stickers, sales stamps, and lots of clear scotch tape. Slow days in retail may have yielded less revenue, but they did allow for lots of creativity!


2 thoughts on “Retro Sketch”

    1. In a loose sense: the credit cards are stickers, the yellow squares were post-it notes that I had stuck up by the phone, the pen was drawn on the back of a sales slip, and the Credit markings were from a stamp. I assembled the elements on a sketchbook page, and then locked it all down with scotch tape, partially because it was there, and also because I was doing this behind the sales counter and between customers, so there was not time to glue anything down.

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