Lunch Lines

The key to sketching happiness, especially when time is tight, is to find a reliable subject matter. For a little while, I was sketching the streetlights on a busy nearby corner. The more that I drew them, the better I was able to think visually about them. I eventually found the one that I really wanted to draw, and what details in particular I wanted to focus on. Hence, here – after about two weeks of sketching streetlights – is my 10 minute masterpiece. Enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Lunch Lines”

    1. Thanks; the fun of doing this sketch was waiting for the light to change repeatedly so that I could get the colors and details relatively right. Of course, I also got some weird looks from people walking by, because here in Washington, DC, if you’re standing on a corner, you’re supposed to be on the phone talking corporate lobbying legal business stuff or hailing a cab to senate building, not sketching street lights! (That’s something for those weirdo artists in New York to do)

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