Lunch Lines

There is this construction sign that I always see while out for short lunchtime strolls. I figured it would be quick and easy to sketch. As it turned out, it was quick, but not exactly easy. Aligning the graphics of squared or rectangular signs is easy; doing the same on the sign shown below was actually rather challenging. This was my fourth and final attempt, and it goes to show that just because something looks easy to sketch, that may not always be the case!



2 thoughts on “Lunch Lines”

  1. Would love to see your work when you have longer than a lunch break! Especially there in the DC area, so many interesting and unique places!

    1. Thanks; I personally would love to have more time to draw. Between kids, work, home life, and too much house work, my whole non-commercial art life is limited to sketching people of the train, grabbing a few minutes to sketch during lunch, or late-night work after the wife and kids go to sleep and I can practice sketchnoting and graphic recording. This is why I always have a small sketchbook and at least one pen with me, and why I make it a point to somehow or another, smash blank pages any way possible, but still keep within the realm of practiced drawing and sketching.

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