Metro Sketch

I draw lots of people on the Metro here in Washington, DC, and drawing lots of people means drawing a mix of genders, races, and ethnicities. Drawing lots of people in general is great practice for rendering often challenging anatomical details such as hands, fingers, and eyes, but drawing the diverse mix of folks whom call the nation’s capital home provides a special opportunity to render some very unique individual characteristics. I hope I do them justice, as I tried with the two folks pictured here.


Lunch Lines

Welcome to “Lunch Lines”, my newest category of postings. These are quick sketches done in a matter of minutes when I step outside during lunch. Since my days are spent creating finite technical graphic layouts, these quick loose sketches are nice artistic breathers for me. Thankfully, cities provide lots of random fodder for quick sketches, such as the lamp post shown here.

As always, thanks for visiting my blog, and I hope you enjoy the drawings.