Lunch Lines

When I step out for lunch and try to grab a quick sketch in the process, I’m usually in a rush. One day, I decided to do a quick sketch of a food truck. Unfortunately, it seems the food truck was in a rush as well; it drove off shortly after I started the sketch. Not wanting to waste a page, I used the drawing to test out some new markers at the art supply store later that day.


6 thoughts on “Lunch Lines”

    1. The key is to just timing the trucks; get them at the right time where the lunch crowd is dispersed enough to get a clear view of the truck, yet enough time to sketch before they drive off. I’ve found that sketching some subjects here in DC – Metro commuters and food trucks for example – is all about timing and positioning. In fact, when I sketch on the train, I know which side o the train to sit on during different times during the day to avoid a big glare off the sun coming the windows.

      1. Yes – over time you learn a few tricks. Glare from the sun makes it difficult to draw. I have favourite seats in cafés, the best drawing spots. And I notice the times too, when it gets busy or when certain people turn up. Looking forward to more great sketches. All the best, Russell.

    1. Don’t tell that to the folks here in DC; they worship these trucks! They pay an arm and a leg for the stuff that comes out of these trucks, but it’s all the rage here. Of course, these trucks have a very nice racket going on; they’ve set up shop – or curb – in the section of DC where there are plenty of hotels and big non-profits, yet no real quick brick-and-morter lunchtime options.

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