Metro Sketch

I draw lots of people on the Metro here in Washington, DC, and drawing lots of people means drawing a mix of genders, races, and ethnicities. Drawing lots of people in general is great practice for rendering often challenging anatomical details such as hands, fingers, and eyes, but drawing the diverse mix of folks whom call the nation’s capital home provides a special opportunity to render some very unique individual characteristics. I hope I do them justice, as I tried with the two folks pictured here.



5 thoughts on “Metro Sketch”

    1. Thanks! Yeah; the Metro has become my daily life drawing studio. I’ve been doing this long enough now that I’ve become a bit of an anthropologist on the urban train commuter, but in the process, I’ve learned more about life and figure drawing from doing these sketches than I ever did in model-drawing classes in art school, which were three hour-long experiments in mind-numbing boredom. Art school is great, but no classroom setting can compete with drawing in the real world.

      1. You are so right Jason. I take my car to work but in some ways I am jealous of people who take the metro because they have all that drawing time and all I have is traffic. Have you ever seen Lynne Chapman’s train drawings? She lives in Sheffield, England and draws on the train quite often, usually in coloured pencil. They are quite amazing.

      2. So glad you liked it. She is a talented illustrator of kids books as well. She has some really good illustration videos on her YouTube channel, if you are interested.

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