Metro Sketch

Some more folks sketched on the Washington, DC Metro. In this case, it’s just a mash of a few random heads that came together in an interesting way.

Happy New Year everybody, and happy sketching/drawing/making/writing/creating in 2013!



5 thoughts on “Metro Sketch”

    1. Thanks! Drawing on a commuter train is generally unpredictability in constant motion, and that’s actually good for me since it challenges the perfectionist in me. I get too caught up in drawing right angles and concentric circles that it’s therapeutic for me artistically to have virtually no control over my subject matter when sketching on the train.

    1. Thanks; yeah – the interesting thing about sketching the folks on a commuter train is that everything is always in motion. Start drawing somebody, and then somebody more interesting sits down next to them, get halfway into drawing them and they get up to leave the train.

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