Metro Face, Time, and Place

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted one of my sketches done while riding the Metro. Here’s a new one (well, not so new; done a few months back on a very typically scorching Washington, DC summer day)


4 thoughts on “Metro Face, Time, and Place”

    1. This is pretty common here in Washington, DC: people are so blown up and burned out by the end of the work day that they get onto the train and stare blankly into space. Now that I think of it, the people I draw in the morning seem a lot more lively than the people I draw in the evening.

  1. I really like these simple Metro sketches. And I appreciate the text bits you’ve included, like the station names. Takes me back to my days living in DC – now nearly 20 years ago. I remember what it was like riding the Metro on hot summer days after work. It’s great how a simple sketch can connect you to so many memories.

    1. Thanks; yeah – the Metro has become my daily studio, or at least, on the days that the Metro is actually working! There is a small community now of people who sketch on the Metro and then share the sketches on Facebook. Glad you enjoy them.

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