Markers for Metro

A few months ago, I purchased some new markers to better match the wardrobe of commuters on the Washington, DC Metro. Coming home from the art supply store that day, I saw this gentleman appropriately dressed so as to make my purchases worthwhile.


2 thoughts on “Markers for Metro”

  1. What kind of markers did you get and what are your faves? I use prismacolors, which I LOVE for design work (on vellum), but I find they bleed through on regular sketchbook paper. Great sketch:)

    1. Thanks! I’m currently using a combination of new Prismacolor markers and older markers left over from my art school days, which include (pre-digital!) Pantone-Letraset, Chartpak, and Ebhard-Faber Design markers. I love the Pantones, but they don’t make them anymore, though the Prismacolors are good enough. They’ll bleed through sketchbook paper, but this is not a problem for me since I prefer inexpensive sketchbooks to pricier Moleskines, so I don’t mind sacrificing pages here and there. Also, every now and then, I’ll start a new drawing or sketch with some leftover ink bled through from a few pages prior, which gives anything drawn or sketched on that page a unique color element.

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