The Georgetowner

Washington DC is not generally known as a fashionable city, but the high-level government and legal jobs here, as well as the spotlight socialites, do demand sophistication in wardrobe. When Washingtonians get fashion right, it’s an impressive sight, but when they get it wrong, it’s usually a disaster, and nobody gets it wrong more than the Georgetowners. Granted, Georgetowners are rather nice people, but the moneyed-up and tony neighborhood, home to lobbyists, pundits, and societal elites, has a strange penchant for matching the likes of plaid golf shorts to buttoned-up shirts, pink embellishments, and casual footwear like boat shoes and flip-flops. I saw one such specimen, whom had obviously escaped the wilds of Georgetown, on the prowl in the slightly hipper West End/DuPont Cirlce area, and I just had to draw him.

3 thoughts on “The Georgetowner”

    1. Here in Washington, DC, and especially in Georgetown, you’ll likely find sewage in the water tables, but the locals prefer bottled French water and expensive wines on their tables.

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