Post #100

For my 100th post, I wanted to do something a little ceremonial. Originally, I was thinking about some fancy digital “100” logo, but this is a blog about sketching and sketchbooks, where I prefer to leave fancy and digital out of the picture. What does factor into the picture, though, is Washington, DC, where I do pretty much all of my daily sketching, so it was only fitting that for my 100th post, I would honor this rather interesting and inspiring city by showing this sketch I had done recently of the US Capital Building, drawn from the roof of the nearby Newseum on a typically hot, hazy, and humid Washingtonian summer day.

1 thought on “Post #100”

  1. 100 posts is indeed a miles-stone in the blog -o-sphere. Now ya gotta shoot for 200. Or not. good thing is you’re enjoying your artwork and having fun. Plus, letting others see what you’re doing.

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