One Year of Sketching

On June 12th, 2011, I cracked open a new sketchbook, my first in almost three years, and with nervous trepidation, touched pen nib to paper and embarked on a perilous and uncertain journey to reclaim a part of my life that had seemingly been lost the deadening demands that forced me to swap illustration for production and design to pay the bills and keep me afloat. Until that point, I had barely drawn in years, my creative streams had all but dried up, and my confidence and eagerness to draw had all but wilted away. I had no idea what to expect as I teetered on the precipice between fear of failure and excitement of reclaimed opportunity. Would I be wasting time, money, and hope, or would something of any worth come out of this?

One year later, I’m almost finished with my second sketchbook, I’ve gone through a good amount of ink, I’ve drawn almost daily, and I’m constantly exploring new techniques, new styles, new subject matter, and most importantly, having lots of fun, ranging from the artistically intense to the carefree and lackadaisical. The daily rituals of spilling ink and unleashing lines, shapes, values, and expression have served as therapeutic counterpoints to the digital precision that is my professional life. The daily and weekly reviews of my sketchbooks reaffirms that I am alive as a person and an artist, and not just a pixel-pushing pimp for profit. The growing pages of drawings and sketches in my books reconnect me to the art and artists in the world around me.

It’s been and awesome year for me. Thank you to everybody whose clicked onto this blog and took the time to check out and interact with the postings, and amass with me into this bigger community of those of us that take on the mantle, in some form or another, of “artist”. It’s been a great journey over the past twelve months, and I hope to bring you all much, much more work.

– Jason.

3 thoughts on “One Year of Sketching”

  1. It is possible to get back into art after a long hiatus. For me, it was all about regaining a certain skill or draftsmanship I once had 30 years ago. Good work.

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