Fountain Pen Failure

I love drawing with fountain pens. There’s something very old-world intriguing about them, they’re wonderful to hold, and they produce rich lines with occasional unpredictabilities and surprises. However, they are writing instruments rather than drawing instruments. Fountain pens are designed for controlled fluid up-and-down motions rather than random aggressive side-to-side motions. When they work, they work great, but every now and then, the aggressiveness of fast sketching on bouncing trains can occasionally cause the ink to skip and even stop flowing, as was the case here.

4 thoughts on “Fountain Pen Failure”

  1. I wouldn’t have been able to tell you drew this on a bumpy train ride…if anything, it added some nice character to it! I tried breaking out with my fountain pens recently, and the nibs were rusted, and the ink just wasn’t loading properly…I do admit, it was a result of laziness on my part, of not properly cleaning them right away. But, yes I do agree about the qualities they give 🙂

    1. Fountain pens certainly are not the same as the more popular Pigma Micro or the Faber Castell PITT pens, but for me, it gives me a unique art supply to work with, and having one particular and personal pen or art supply really forces you to explore and manipulate just what you can do with it. Also, I spend all day on pricey, shiny electronic things with apple-shaped logos doing very precise and methodical production design, so spilling ink and scratching paper drawing random folks and a rough train ride is, to a degree, a nice counter balance to my very digital day.

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