3 thoughts on “Leap-year Day Sketches”

    1. I’ve been spotted a few times over the past year. I’ve had two people get up and move, a few people snidely dismiss me go back to their newspapers, but for the most part, people find it rather interesting, and onlookers are usually supportive. The key is to be discreet in how you sit, where you sit, how you hold your sketchbook, and how you move your pen. Generally, though, Washington, DC is the kind of town where people on the Metro read the local political papers, law journals, or news updates on their Blackberries, so a sketch artist is both uncommon and unique at the same time. However, we do have a nice little community of urban sketch artists here, so we often share our work online with each other.

      1. Interesting – I guess you have to make it look like you are writing or doodling in the book. The type of people you describe sound pretty ‘straight’ so arty folk may seem like an alien life form – I mean, getting up and moving! I think I’ve seen an urban sketch thing online – maybe it was on your site.

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