Trip to Israel, Part 5

All good trips must come to an end, and we eventually had to leave Israel. As we prepped for our early-morning flight out of Ben Gurion, I swapped out my travel sketch journal for my regular sketchbook. As I began drawing the El Al 747-400 that would take us to London before boarding a connecting flight to the states, I realized that I only had about 45 minutes left to grab the last bites of Israel’s awesome food. After a quick wake-up of coffee and croissant, it was over to Burger Ranch for more meaty Israeli kosher goodness. I did two quick drawings on the plane, but by the time we got to London, I was so exhausted that I put to the sketchbooks and pens away, and saddled up to a British airport pub for a pint of British ale.

Thanks to everybody who stopped by to look at these sketches. I hope you enjoyed them, and hopefully I’ll be able to get back to Israel and do some more drawing soon!


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