Trip to Israel, Part 4

These pages cover our last day in Yerushaluyim. We started at the Shuk Machane Yehuda, a large oriental-style open-air market where I sought the colorful spice stalls that are the money-shot for sketch artists and photographers alike. It’s also a great place to shop, meet, and eat some fantastic Israeli street food and café fare. Afterwards, it was off to the ultra-orthodox neighborhood of Meah Shearim, where a I sketched a street corner scene, all the while drawing an audience of curious, yet very friendly haradim, and making friends with the surrounding merchants. Finally, as the daylight waned, we headed over to the beautiful new Mamilla Promenade overlooking the walls of the Old City. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the right colors to capture the spectacular sunset skies, but I did get a nice drawing from Café Rimon, a great place for a lovely sunset dinner.

I highly recommend a trip to Israel; it’s really a lovely, vibrant, and very fun place. Be sure to bring a bathing suit for the warm Mediterranean beaches, an appetite for some of the finest foods, wines, and craft beers anywhere, and of course, cameras and sketchbooks to capture the visuals and aesthetics of this truly fascinating country.

3 thoughts on “Trip to Israel, Part 4”

    1. Thanks. I was hoping to draw write in the wording on the label and the Hebrew typography on the Coke can, but I also wanted to attack this really good food while it was still hot and enjoy the coke while it was still cold. Such is the case when you’re drawing all of this great food and drink; you only get so far into the drawing before you realize that your appetite is fighting against your creative streak, and eventually, with food this good, the appetite eventually wins!

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