Trip to Israel, Part 3

After lounging around Tel Aviv and the Binyamina region, we headed up to Yerushaluyim. These pages cover an evening exploring the ever-growing craft beer culture in Israel (chili-spiced wheat ale, anyone?) as well as our friend’s apartment in the Katamon neighborhood, which I sketched at the end of the night. There are two drawings done in the Old City, including the Kotel HaMa’ariv and some random architecture. And finally, more Israeli food; this time some good ‘ol  and very delicious Hummus with meat, plus a little Turkish coffee spiced with cardamon!

In doing these drawings, I realized I’d brought the wrong colors for Israel. My assortment of markers and colored pencils are more honed for the conservative tones of Washington, DC than the vibrant palette of Israel. Next time, I’m bringing more hues of beige for the marble architecture, plus plenty of pink, magenta, and turquoise for Israel’s spectacularly-colored skies, especially late in the day as the sun begins to set.

4 thoughts on “Trip to Israel, Part 3”

    1. Black ice was the name of the beer, which itself was a very dark ale. Israelis tend to go very new school and highly characteristic with their wines and, now, craft beers. They prefer pronounced flavor over subtle hints. This particular brewer, Abeer Haela, is the one that crafted the amazing chili-spiced wheat ale.

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