Trip to Israel – Part 1

I recently traveled to Israel, and of course, my sketchbooks and drawing supplies accompanied me. Normally, when I travel to Israel, I prefer a non-stop flight. This time, however, I was not so lucky as I had to endure a mini-world tour from Baltimore to Miami, and then to Madrid before finally arriving in Tel Aviv. In total, I visited four airports, via three different planes, in 19 hours. At least I had time to draw, though not much at the airports themselves, where I had scant little time to reach connecting flights.

2 thoughts on “Trip to Israel – Part 1”

  1. wow a trip to Israel! Crazy! Your drawings look great. They remind me of this wonderful little graphic novel I read once called Carnet de Voyage by Craig Thompson. He basically travels through Europe and draws a diary of his travels. It’s pretty amazing! Have you read it?

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