Felt Tip Action

In my previous sketchbook, most of the drawings were done with a fountain pen, particularly my trusty red Lamy Safari steel-nibbed fine point. Fountain pens, of course, are designed for writing, not drawing; the ink tends to skip when the nib moves across the paper quickly, the nib itself is not made for side-to-side strokes, and the ink itself is water-based, so you can’t wash over it. Still, the pen offers a graceful glide over the paper surface, each line has a unique stroke in width and transparency/opacity, and there’s a certain artistic romance to sketching with old world technology. Still, with my new sketchbook, I want to expand beyond the fountain pen, so I grabbed a felt tip pen laying around and decided to have fun with it. Lucky for me, this gentleman had the decency to fall asleep across from me and my pen on the train this morning.


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