Friday Morning Art Supplies

I attended art school back in the pre-digital age. Over time as I became a digital ninja, with MACs and Adobe replacing Canson sketchbooks and Windsor & Newton watercolors, my ArtBins and their seemingly dinosaur-esque contents collected dust into obscurity. Recently, in taking some time off from the mind-numbing digital overload that is production art, I’ve broken out the old arsenal of traditional color, craft, and creativity. For those of you who were with me in the FIT days, or simply love traditional art and supplies, here’s a nice eyeful of art supply for you.

Simple Graphics and Detail Junkies

Here’s an inked-and-colored version of the pencil sketch from yesterday (traced over from the original as I wanted to preserve the line drawing). My original intent was to make the drawing simple and graphic, using a stark black-and-orange color theme inspired by the album cover of a British punk band. However, I’m a detail-junkie, and I really haven’t drawn in color in a while (plus I didn’t have an orange marker), so these facets took over and here’s the drawing.

Going Past Pencil Lines…

Having spent the past ten years pushing pixels instead of pencils, I’ve forgotten how much I love the look of sketchy pencil lines. The hard part, of course, is when you have to eventually cover those pencil lines with ink and color. I decided to do this drawing while listening to British punk bands on Pandora, and particularly, the stark orange-and-black color scheme of one band’s album cover. The though was of this image rendered simply and graphically in orange and black, so we’ll see where this drawing goes; do I stop at the pencil lines, or develop a final color rendering on top of them?

Serenity of the Friday Commuter

Six months spent drawing commuters on the Washington, DC Metro has taught me a lot about those riding the same trains as me. For example, on Monday mornings, they’re usually an anxious and nervous lot staring down the barrel of a work week. On Friday afternoons, however, they’re much more relaxed, basking in a serenity that no matter what the week was, it’s now over. I drew this gentleman on a Friday afternoon commute home, and he aired this very sense of “mission-accomplished”, and now was heading towards a well-earned weekend.

The Caffeinated Artist

Artists are well-known for being heavy consumers of coffee. As are bike racers. And parents, too. So being all three of these, I happen to consume…well…a lot of coffee. Here’s a drawing I did about it; they’re just pencil lines right now, but since it’s the first drawing in my new sketchbook, the lines need to be inked before the inside cover smudges the whole drawing into obscurity.

Metro Sketch Blitzkrieg

Coming back from yet another busy night on our 40/40 pub crawl – this time a six-bar romp though Adams Morgan – we found ourselves once again on the last Metro train out of Washington, DC. And since this was the Washington, DC Metro, something was bound to go wrong; in this case, a malfunctioning signal. Stuck late at night on a packed train after enjoying six different beers  (Allagash Specialty Winter Black and the Kasteel Trippel were the winners), I had nothing left to do but break out my fountain pen, my sketchbook, and sketch with reckless abandon.