Washing Machines

These are the washing machines in our laundry room. Word to the wise; fountain pens are poor sketching tools for steamy laundry rooms. I ended up with some pretty smudgy fingers on my right hand and ended up doing six loads of laundry with just my left hand. Also, I had to stand while doing this, so the combination of shaky hand, tiny sketchbook, and leaky fountain pen resulting in some rather interesting perspective.

Cycling Fandom and Heavy Thoughts

The left page is a quick scrawl of perhaps the best advertiser in all of pro cycling; the guy who stands at the end of the brutally infamous and strategically crucial cobblestones that tear through the middle of the Forest of Arenburg section of the Paris-Roubiax pro cycling race. He holds up a bold, simple sign for Dirk Hofman Motorhomes. No matter how epic the race situation is, he’s there every year and some of the greatest riders in the sport have passed under the sign If you plan to follow some of the big pro cycling races in Europe, then go rent yourself a Dirk Hofman Motorhome, and drive around the French and Belgian countrysides following races like DeRonde van Vlaandran, Paris-Roubaix, and the Tour de France.

Right page is just simple musings on getting bogged down in too much thinking, which can result in too little action.