Fountain Pen Failure

Before I began working in design studios and in-house art departments, I worked in art supply stores to pay the bills and score cheap art supplies while I was freelancing as an illustrator. In retail, I found a niche in fountain pens, which provided a nice little creative outlet, and soon I was sketching solely with fountain pens. I enjoyed the old-world feel coupled with the smooth flow of ink onto paper, which left behind beautifully expressive lines as the nib flexed on downstrokes and gave individual life to each stroke. My favorite pen was an inexpensive Alvin Reform sketching pen, which while having served me so well in the past years, has become rather leaky nowadays. I’m retiring the pen, and chances are moving on to a fine-point Sharpie for cleaner hands, plus linework that doesn’t smudge and can serve as a base for potential watercolor washes. Still, I will be keeping a cleaner Lamy fountain pen on hand just for the random want to sketch in the ol’ skool style.

2 thoughts on “Fountain Pen Failure”

  1. Hey, Jason.

    This sketchblog is great.

    And as long as I’m here, do you have any suggestions on resources for drawing comic strip or cartoonish characters?

    1. Hey Gary,

      Great to hear from you, hope all is going well. For comic and cartoon art, as well as general drawing and illustration, I’m a big fan of this blog: They’ve got some pretty good comic artists and cartoonists, and there are some resources on instruction and technique if you poke around a bit.

      – Jason

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