Yee-haw: New Sketchbook!

Actually, it’s already a month old. Still, it’s my newest sketch book and I’m quite happy about that. You see, my previous sketchbook took over two years to fill out. Being saddled down with a full-time job amongst other “full-times” left me with little time, energy, or creativity to let me add new drawings. It indeed represented just how atrophied I’d become creatively and in my drawing abilities.

Well, I’d decided that was enough! My desire was for a Moleskine, but having done so little drawing and sketching over the years, I felt that I hadn’t yet warranted¬†the purchase of such a neat and trendy, yet pricey, little sketchbook that I might not use as often as I’d like, nor display into it any creative bravado or confidence. Hence, my selection shown above.

This newest sketch book is a spine-bound 4″ x 6″ hard cover. It’s cheap, and the fact that I can’t tear the pages out if I felt that a drawing wasn’t good enough (something I could and did do quite often in my previous book) means that I have to commit to whatever I draw.

So good luck to me, and thank you in advance to anybody who takes the time to visit this blog and view my drawings.

– Jason Pearlman


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